Things To Do In Bandhavgarh

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    The legend has it that the fort was built by Lord Ram during a short stay in Bandhavgarh (Bandhav meaning brother and garh meaning fort) while he was returning from Lanka after defeating Ravan. Ram asked his brother Lakshman to take control of the fort and watch the movements in Lanka.
    In Bandhavgarh, located near Tala Village is the famous Baghel Museum. It is a royal storehouse where the property of Maharaja of Rewa has been kept intact for exhibit. The ancient tools used for hunting by the king are also on display in the museum.bandhavgarh-bhagel
    Gond paintings can be found on the inner and outer walls of some houses, windows and niches. The main colours used are: red, yellow, blue, black and white. These paintings are based on motifs taken from the oral narratives of Gond tribe. Local deities, scenes connected with forest, agriculture, marriage and other rituals find place in these paintings.
    The best thing to do here is take off on a safari into the jungle. Wildlife sightings, especially that of the tigers, is the prime attraction. You can choose between a jeep or elephant safari. The jeep safaris are undertaken early morning or the late afternoon. A forest guide accompanies the visitors.Tiger Safari Bandhavgarh

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