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While in Tamil Nadu, do not forget to pick some popular items


    This kind of jewellery is an essential part of the adornment of a Tamil bride. It is also an integral part of the aharya or costume of a Bharatanatyam or Kuchipudi dancer. Since these are recreations of antique gold jewellery, with the increasing demand and appreciation of splendid pieces of the past, you can buy affordable pieces from Vadasery, a hub of temple jewellery and its artisans.


    Nachiarcoil in Thanjavur district, also known as Tanjore, is famous for a light brown sand called vandal. The sand which is found on the banks of Cauvery river is ideal for making moulds. Owing to the growing scarcity of copper, the bell-metal workers of the state have now switched to brass ware. They cast vases in different shapes, tumblers, water containers, ornamented spittoons, food cases, bells, candle stands, kerosene lamps, picnic carriers, and a large variety of lamps. A special jar with a cashew-nut design and named after it has become a kind of hallmark of Nachiarcoil.



    Popularly known as Kanjivarams, made all the more famous by the likes of Rekha, these saris are weaved from pure mulberry silk thread. The town of Kancheepuram near Chennai is known as the Silk city. It is believed the weavers settled in this town at least 400 years back. Irrespective of pattern, be it a simple self border or a colourful gold border with zari and motifs, these saris make you stand out with their unique look.


    Popular around the world for its stonework and granite crafts, Mahabalipuram has excellent artefacts, idols and miniature temple sculpts. Most of it is available at the craft shops which line the roads to the Shore Temple and Five Rathas. Exquisite soapstone images of Hindu gods, woodcarvings and jewellery are also available

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