Poetry of Speed

Since times unknown, horses have played a very significant role in human civilisations across the world. Known for their enormous power, stamina, speed and benevolence, they have the term ‘horsepower’ attributed to them. Here’s presenting an exclusive photo story on this majestic creature and his bond with humans


Horses have been a man’s best friend since ages. The bond of love between humans and horses unfolds many aspects of the deep and subtle connection between the two species. They share a relationship that is beyond time. Horses had been vital to human societies as mode of transport up until the advent of the engine. In times of war as well as peace, they have been the most reliable and closest companions of the human race. Experts say, no animal has contributed more to the spread of civilisation than the horse.


There are some peculiar facts about horses. They can sleep both while lying down and standing up. They can run shortly after they are born and they have a lifespan of around 25-30 years. The oldest surviving breed of horses is the Arabian, which first appeared about 4,500 years ago. There is only one species of domestic horse and around 400 different breeds that specialise in everything from pulling wagons to racing. All horses are grazers.


While the sport of polo is older than the times of Kings and Queens, we know that its origin lies in the inspirational relationship between humans and horses. The unique amalgamation of athletic talents between the horse and the horse rider has helped polo evolve into an elite sport.


Interestingly, the horse represents freedom and power in many different cultures. Riding horses is considered as a symbol of power, travel, movement, and desire. In some cultures white horses stand for the balance of wisdom and power. In native American tribes, the number of horses in a tribe was directly proportional to their wealth; the Romans linked horses with Mars, the god of the fury of war. Horses were also seen pulling the chariot of Helios, the sun god. In the Celtic mythology, horses were considered as harbingers of good fortune. In mythology, the horse is ever present.


Hola Mohalla is a oneday Sikh festival that marks the beginning of Sikh New Year. The festival also celebrates the deep and intricate connection of horses with their human masters as the Sikh men display horse riding skills during the celebration. Every horse rider has a couple of horses assigned to him for more than 10 years! Horses react to every little command of their masters and the masters understand every subtle gesture of this beautiful mammal.

Text & Photos: Jagdev Singh

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