Local Impressions

Medium Stainless Steel
Size 83 x 64 x 48 inches
Mumbai-based Shende’s sculptural work is inspired by his own experience of travelling by local trains in Mumbai. “Local trains are the lifeline of Mumbai people; the fastest way to commute,” says the Nagpur-born artist. “And every journey is a memorable one.” His favourite memory is of standing next to the gate two hours before his station so he could get off. “Mumbai locals are a metaphor of the struggles that thousands of labourers and middle class undertake in their daily lives, including the heroic dabbawalas. We cannot do without this iconic image of Mumbai life,” he says.

Medium Acrylic on Canvas
Size 36 x 36 inches
Schon Mendes

Baroda-based Mendes’ memories of travelling past various stations in the suburbs of Mumbai inspired him to create these images as symbols of culture and practices. “The pulse and vibrancy of a railway station fascinates me,” says the 28-year-old artist. The newspaper-seller, the tired labourer returning home, the cheerful family on a holiday — all come together to play out their varying roles in Mendes work. “While travelling in a train, looking out from the window is like viewing a kaleidoscope of images. One sees contrasts, similarities, the strange and the unexpected, as well as the ordinary and mundane,” says Mendes, who carries a sketchbook with him on every journey and draws what he sees around him.

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