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They say that design is the cornerstone of the modern world and Lenovo, with its Yoga Book, is stretching the limits of a conventional laptop design to keep up with the fast-paced lifestyle of today’s world as we know it. The Yoga Book is a hybrid that can easily switch between a laptop and a tablet, with a digitizer for taking notes and sketching. It is the perfect combination of a fashion statement and a productive tool on the go for young professionals.

Neatly packed in a 25.64cm (10.1 inch) clamshell design, this hybrid sports an 8,500mAh capacity battery which is surprising since the Yoga Book is only 9.9mm thick. A single full-charge can keep this hybrid running for close to 11 hours, making it a perfect travel companion. Powered by quad-core Intel Atom X5 processor, the Yoga Book runs on 4GB of RAM and 64GB of solid-state storage that can be expanded up to 128GB. The screen features a LED backlit capacitive IPS panel that produces a relatively sharp full HD resolution of 1920×1200.

But the sleek form-factor has its own shortfalls and lack of connectivity ports. While it supports WiFi and Bluetooth along with a nano-SIM slot with LTE support, traditional ports have been sacrificed as there aren’t any USB or Type-C ports. What it has is a micro USB port, a mini-HDMI out and an audio jack.

All this aside, the most intriguing feature of this hybrid, hands down, is the completely flat, button-free surface where you would usually find the keyboard. This flat surface doubles up as a backlit touch panel keyboard with a dedicated space earmarked for the trackpad and a drawing tablet. You can choose between the two with just a single touch on the scribble button, placed on the top right hand corner. Working on a touch panel though took some time to get used to but give it a few hours and you start typing on the Yoga Book like you would on your standard keyboard.

The digitizer mode on the Yoga Book has been well thought about too. Unlike the iPad and Microsoft Surface where one has to scribble on the screen, you can draw on the flat surface using the Real Pen’s stylus nib and it will be mirrored on the screen. Lenovo has taken the joy of scribbling a step further by adding a real ballpoint refill replacing the stylus nib and a bookpad that magnetically attaches itself to the flat surface. Anything you draw on the page using the ‘real pen’ magically appears on the screen too.

For Rs 49,999 you can get the device that comes preloaded with Windows 10. Weighing at 690 grams, this is one of the very few laptops that I liked as my travel companion.

Text: Adish Jain

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