Diet No-No’s For Gorgeous Skin

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Dermatologists are well aware of the interplay between what you eat and what your skin looks like. Some food groups can cause skin ageing, pigmentation, rashes and even acne. Here are some secrets about what not to eat to get that glowing skin


Everyone thinks that “milk does a body good,” but the fact is that it is more harmful than you think. Dairy such as milk, cheese, ice cream and yogurt is chock full of hormones. Acne, ageing and pigmentation are all caused or worsened by hormonal imbalance, so adding more hormones into the mix aggravates the problem. Nearly all dermatologists will tell their patients to cut out the dairy products as much as possible to get rid of extra hormonal pollutants. For those scared of not getting enough calcium, did you know spinach has more calcium than milk?



Just a spoonful of sugar may make the medicine go down, but it sure doesn’t help your skin. Sugar is known to cause something known as glycation of important proteins in the skin. Through glycation, these strength and youth giving proteins become inactive, resulting in worsening sagging and wrinkles. Doctors and famous celebrities will tell you that cutting out sugar can truly revolutionise your appearance in a short period of time. Going for sugar-free options is also not the answer. They cause just as much as an insulin reaction as sugar does.



Maida, corn flour, cornstarch and white rice are not happening for your skin. These foods have no nutritional value and cause your insulin to spike, and your stress hormones to skyrocket. Remember what your skin used to look like as a teenager before a test? Pimples, dullness and skin sensitivity? That happens because your stress hormone, cortisol, shot up through the roof. To stop your hormones from going crazy, avoid these white foods that have a high glycemic index, meaning that they cause sharp insulin spikes.


Though there is not enough data to prove that artificial colours, sweeteners, flavours, nitrates etc cause harm, we do know that they can cause oxidative damage to your cells. They have been shown to be implicated in a host of internal diseases and that they can aggravate many skin conditions. Keeping it as natural as possible can only be good for you. Eating excessively processed foods with untested additives can only damage your system in ways that we are only just beginning to understand. So, while a burrito here and there won’t kill you, definitely try to keep your diet simple and true to nature at least 80% of the time. It will make a big difference to your body.

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