Boost your Health, Get A Life!

Balanced diet and disciplined routine goes a long way in keeping you fit and cheerful

Do you want to tackle your work with greater ease, feel more alert, and not have to drag yourself out of bed every morning? Then this health and energy-boosting plan is just what you need. Follow these 10 super-easy-to-follow but often missed steps to add more life to your day — everyday!


Stress can shoot up blood pressure to dangerous levels, push the pulse rate high above normal and cause serious damage to the body. To keep it in check, meditate, even if only for 15 minutes, every day. Just sit with your eyes closed, anywhere quiet, and repeat a mantra or a positive thought in your mind. It’ll take practice but will help clear out energy draining negativity from your mind and body.

For heart

For your heart’s sake build your menu around these five key foods — fish (especially fatty fish like salmon), legumes (like peas and lentils), (brown rice, oatmeal), soy and olive oil. In the long term, this preventive protection will do wonders for your heart.

Take notes

Start writing a diary. Write both your dreams (to keep them alive) as well as your goals (to stay accountable to these). You can write in a fancy diary or type away on the laptop — your choice. The benefits though remain the same — physical, mental and emotional healing. Do try, it is supremely healing.

Utilise breaks

Carry out pending tasks during the commercial breaks in TV shows. Do laundry, gather dirty dishes, or wipe countertops — as all this can add up a lot of activity minutes during a hour-long show; plus you’ll save hundreds of calories.

Time table

If you eat late you gain a lot of weight so try to have dinner at least three hours before you hit the sack, at least five days a week. And if you must eat dinner late, eat a light meal, give it time to digest before you sleep and maybe go for a light stroll.

Balanced Diet



To keep your weight in check, have more proteins. Proteins rev your metabolism and ensure that your muscle mass stays intact. Be sure to include some types of lean proteins with every meal (chicken, fish, eggs, tofu, dairy, soya milk, sprouts, beans and lentils).

Farm fresh

We all know how good fruit and vegetables are for us. They help boost immunity, and give a lot of energy, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants etc. So ensure that you include some in every meal. For breakfast grab an apple, eat a plate of salad for lunch and begin dinner with soup. You could also juice some vegetables and have mid morning.


Before you tear into that bag of potato chips or any namkeen, drink a glass of water first. People sometimes confuse thirst with hunger, so they end up eating extra calories when a glass of water is really all they needed.


Have a big bowl of vegetable soup before meals to dampen your appetite. Soup contains relatively fewer calories but takes up space in your stomach so you feel full. Plus it is the best way to score a bowl full of essential nutrients with low calorie damage.

Tea time

When you sit down to drink tea, you are taking the time to relax, which is very important. And while you are at it, pick up some herbal and green teas — they will add some health boost to your city and stress jaded body too.

Text: Kavita Devagan

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