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Special days and events that call for a quick trip to be a part of them


Magnificient snake boats compete for Nehru trophy to commemorate the visit of Jawaharlal Nehru to Alappuzha. The boat race reputed to be the largest team sport in the world is held in the placid waters of Punnamada lake on second Saturday of August. It is attended by participants and tourists from across the border states. The rare spectacle has in store ceremonial processions, spectacular floats and decorated boats. Venue: Alappuzha, Kerela How to reach: Direct trains are available from cities like Mumbai, Chennai, Bengaluru, Delhi and more

Festivals in August


The Gogamedi fair is one of the largest fairs in India to worship Goga Veer, the snake God of Rajasthan. It attracts tourists from different corners of the world. The annual fair is famous for the sale of livestock and attractive handicrafts. The items reflect the craftsmanship of local people and rich culture of Rajasthan. Other attractions include folk dance and music events. Venue: Gogamedi, Rajasthan How to reach: The nearest railway station is Churu, which is well connected to major cities like Delhi and Kolkata.


Apart from Independence Day in India, August 15 is celebrated in Goa as the feast of the ‘Assumption of Mother Mary into Heaven.’ Goans celebrate this day by making a sweet dish ‘Patolleo’. The festival is celebrated in the village of Succorro at the ‘Our Lady of Sucorro Church’. On this day, the sweet dish is prepared and served to all. Venue: Goa How to reach: The two stations Madgaon and Vasco-da-gama are well linked with cities like Mumbai, Delhi and other major parts of the country.


The festival commemorates the birthday of Lord Krishna. The highlight of the festival involves forming a human pyramid to reach a pot of curd hung high above the ground. The celebrations of Janmashtami takes place at night with devotional songs, dances and rocking the cradle of Lord Krishna. The other attractions include decorated and illuminated temples and homes. Venue: All across India How to reach: Mathura is the most popular place to observe Janmashtami celebrations. The destination is well connected by rail.

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