Better Practices For a Better Rail

Indian Railways are always striving to find methods to increase its efficiency in workplace and on tracks

Good work practices in an institution are directly proportional to the services it provides to its clients. Keeping in tune with that, the Indian Railways are constantly trying to streamline their way of working in various departments in order to serve their customers in best way possible.

  1. To achieve the same, powers have been delegated to Railways for sanction of estimates and finalisation of tenders. Even the powers of Research Design and Standards Organisation (RDSO) and Centralised Training Institutes have been revised, based on functional requirements.
  2. All higher-level appointments, 20 posts of GMs and 50 posts of DRMs, were also filled to strengthen the management capabilities of the Indian Railways.
  3. Major savings were also achieved in construction of bridges through design optimisation. Indian Railways also took a policy decision to manufacture only IGBT-based three phase locos (HHP) ex. CLW from 2016-17 onwards. The IGBT locos have regenerative braking features which can save upto 20 per cent electrical energy. This three-phase regenerative features in Kolkata Metro, EMU and MEMU Coaches.
  4. Development of high capacity power cars to increase the passenger capacity in Rajdhani/Shatabdi trains.
  5. Five stainless steel AC EMU rakes manufactured at ICF equipped with IGBT-based three-phase propulsion system for Mumbai suburban with speed potential of 110Kmph.
  6. Purchase order placed for procurement of 14 fully-furnished rakes equipped with IGBT-based three-phase propulsion system for replacement of old Kolkata metro rakes.
  7. For testing of rails, old analogue USFD testing machines are being replaced with modern digital USFD machines. The process has been completed in seven railways and work is in progress in others.
  8. Also, implementation of improved AT Rail Wending Technique with use of single shot crucible has been implemented. National Train Enquiry System (NTES) meant for providing update arrival/departure of train to the public is now available through railway enquiry number 139.
  9. Mobile application for train enquiry on Windows and Android platforms launched. Control Office Application (COA) is running on all control offices of Indian Railways. Integration between COA, NTES and ICMS has been completed.


  • 70 Posts, including 20 GMs and 50 DRMs, filled
  • 20% Electrical energy can be saved through IGBT locos having regenerative braking features
  • 5 Stainless steel  AC EMU rakes manufactured at ICF
  • 14 Fully-furnished rakes to be bought soon with IGBT-based three-phase propulsion system for replacement of old Kolkata metro rakes


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