ALIA BHATT Standing firmly on ground

Alia Bhatt has become synonymous with success in Bollywood and there is no denying that she has proved her mettle as an actor in such a short span in the industry

Alia Bhatt has been stronger than most people in the town. She accepts that she cries like a child when she is not fed or is extremely tired. Her recent film Badrinath Ki Dulhaniya has been loved by the audience. Here is a heart-to-heart chat with the girl who is rising in the right direction but with her feet on the ground. Hope the journey is a smooth one. Excerpts:

All your films have not been clones of each other. Is it a conscious decision from your side?

Yes. I do it because I like it that way. I am not strategising, I think like that. I get bored very easily and don’t want to do a serious film now but won’t mind a biopic, which will be different and have a true story to tell. I want to do comedy, I am waiting for somebody to offer me one. I want to satisfy my needs, my cravings. Your first film chooses you and you choose your next film. But it was the reaction to Udta Punjab that encouraged me to take up roles that are risky. Had people not reacted to my part, I would have decided not to do such roles. But I don’t understand why people think it’s such a big risk in the first place. It is just a character.

You’ve proved your mettle at such a young age but do you lose sleep over anything just yet?

I don’t know how the audience is looking at me, or what they think of me. I am the same person, I am just working. My achievements are the by-products of that. I don’t give myself that pressure from a third person’s point of view. I give that pressure to myself from my own point of view. I challenge myself.

Your next film is with Amitabh Bachchan and Ranbir Kapoor. Are you pinching yourself everyday or prepping for it extensively?

Mr Amitabh Bachchan is obviously fabulous. I hope I have some scenes with him but I don’t know if I will have any. There will be extensive prep for the film. Ayan (Mukherjee) told us there is just one character in the film and we need to stop thinking that there’s Ranbir and Alia in it. We are just a character and I am excited.

After that you’re also lined up to do Zoya Akhtar’s Gully Boys with Ranveer Singh. How’s that shaping up as he has been promoting you ever since on social media?

It was Ranveer’s idea. He was like ‘I am totally into cross promotion!’ He even told me ‘Alia, are you ready for our viral video even before its gone viral?’ He decided it’s viral already… much before anything. But honestly, I have done enough ads with Ranveer to know that he is a ‘united-we-stand-divided-we-fall’ kind of person. I admire his energy. He always remains in character and never comes out of it. With his kind of energy, it will be great to work with him. It will keep me on my toes and that is what I am looking forward to.

Text: Pratishtha Malhotra

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